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The easiest way to add blockchain to your business

Our BaaS is built on top of IBM, AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Manage your blockchain backend in a simple dashboard.


Run a resilient node on the leading clouds.


Launch a multinode blockchain in minutes.

Blockchain for Enterprise

SmartChart offers full service capabilities for the development, deployment and management of enterprise blockchain applications and solutions.

The Blockchain Business Cloud has been designed to serve enterprise and organizations of all sizes and it’s particularly suited for those that run their services on the public clouds, such as IBM, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, and Linode.

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Blockchain Services

We can help you simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of blockchain-based distributed trust systems from POCs to pilots and production.

POC Development

ICO Services

Smart Contract Development

Private Blockchain Development

Blockchain Consulting